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Tap Tap Dash is surprising in its simplicity. Little by little the game sucks you in until you find yourself obsessed with beating level after level. And there’s a proper marathon ahead of you, as for the moment it boasts some 2,000 levels.

The most frustrating part of this game is the moment where you have to jump from one path to the other. It’s not easy to go to the next level, especially when the entire path is broken into shorter paths and all you have to do is hop, move, turn hop and hop again until you reach safely. Also, your focus should only be on the green circles.

Tap Tap Dash Games Apps Free Download For Pc,windows 7,8,10,xp

It will take some time to first understand what the game really wants from you after that you can develop the strategy how you can do this to happen. Whether you are careful and bold, outwit your opponents by exploring the best strategy to conquer the largest space. And don’t forget you have to stay cautious as well. Your weak point is one and that is your tail and make it sure it don’t touch to any opponent otherwise you are dead and game will be over. The main difficulty is that your character moves at a considerable speed, and sometimes the green dots are really close to each other. If you are having trouble with a level, though, you can always ask the snails for help.

Yes you can catch a glimpse Tap Tap Dash latest apk of a failed level. The bird’s eye view of a level lets you identify the spot that got your character killed. You can also get a “zoomed out” view of half of the path if your character dies mid-way. Just tap anywhere when the “Failed” screen appears to view a level. While moving, jumping or changing direction, make sure your character stays in the middle of a path. If it moves along a path’s border, then chances of falling off it are more.

Tap Dash Tap Game Overview

It allows you to view the complete travel car dof the animal. For beginners, such an addition as “the snail” can help to simplify playing by slowing down the movement of pet. As you run along your dangerously narrow path, you will collect jewels and other treasures you can use to unlock even more playable characters. Challenge your friends to see who can travel the furthest and score the most jewels. Play Tap Tap Dash on PC and Mac right now by clicking the link above.

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  • Your path is not streamline at all rather it is in zigzag format that’s why the name of the game is ZigZag.

The game has more than 250 levels, many heroes and trails. Enjoy simple controls and climb up the leaderboard. Tap Tap Dash is a game by Second Arm that fits in perfectly in the super-casual class of mobile games. One, it’s available for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Two, it can be described as easy to learn, but hard to master insanely addictive game.

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