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Jon Katz is an exemplary attorney and a master of the legal craft. No one could stop Jon from achieving results, defying the odds, going beyond what is possible. He cares deeply about clients he represents, their families and his colleagues taking their personal and professional success as it were his own. Jon Katz and his team make this world a better see this article place, one day at a time. My goal in representing my criminal defense clients is to fight not only for their liberty, but also to minimize the collateral damage that a conviction can cause to a my client’s representation, livelihood, and immigration status.

The paragraphs may simply repeat the language used by the statutes that the defendants are charged with violating. In such cases, a defense attorney may need to file a motion for what is called a “bill of particulars” to obtain more information. Again, if you have been charged with a crime and is trying to understand the indictment, you should, in addition to reading this website, consult an attorney. Below the court name, we have what is called the “caption” of the case.

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  • To take a crazy example, if it’s a murder it doesn’t have to be, you know, yes I killed David Bowie, it can just be I was in David Bowie’s hotel room that night and that happens to be the night he was killed.
  • The arresting agency shall be given an opportunity to be heard in aggravation or mitigation in reference to any such motion.
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  • “We’re not looking backward, we’re looking forward,” Jeffries said.

To render an indictment valid, there are certain essential and formal requisites. That the indictment be presented to some court having jurisdiction. That it appear to have been found by the grand jury of the proper county or district. That the indictment be found a true bill, and signed by the foreman of the grand jury.

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If the grand jury decides there is enough evidence, an indictment is issued. Upon or after arraignment, the court may issue an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal , which postpones or “adjourns” the case to a later date. Obtaining an ACD does not mean the defendant didn’t commit the crime.

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